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Minimalist Wardrobe How-To

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Wedding Dress Downcycle

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Clothing Swap-A-Thon

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Music + Drinks + SWAP Event for Fashion Revolution Dallas

LAST YEAR'S EVENT | APRIL 29, 2018 | Swap items with other fashion folks during this live SwapAthon

In its 3rd year, the international  Fashion Revolution movement has partnered with the Global Fashion Exchange to produce several fashion swap events across the globe.

This is great news because all of those bags of clothes that you once loved can now be donated, but in a different and fresh way! Bring your items all nice and tidy, ready for showcase, to our Music + Drinks + SWAP event. A volunteer will sort through them, selecting “swap-approved” pieces to go straight onto the racks for other swappers to check out. However many donated items are approved for swaps, you will receive that many swaps in return. 

If you don’t find anything on the racks of other swappable items, don’t fret. Your swap credit will transfer to the next swap event with no problem. Also accepting flat out donations as well.  For up to the minute updates on pre-event drop-offs, follow us on Instagram @Thryfted.

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Text our coordinator for quick drop-offs, event inquiries, and volunteer opportunities. 

Available positions include check-in, check-out, stylist, photographer, front door greeter/escort, clothing sorter, and clothing hanger-upper.

We are also looking for 10 additional pre-event swappers that are seeking swap approvals this week rather than at the live event. 

Text Megan at 214-734-0879

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