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Don’t be a knock-off! And don’t buy one either. We’re here to help you find true style with the fashion revolution in Dallas by mixing current and vintage items, all available at your local thrift in Dallas or Plano stores. Let us help you, find a BETTER you. 



All styled looks include a variety of upcycled garments, thryfted items, and artisanal pieces made with love. Transparency and fair trade will always be a part of how we choose our showcases. What’s more stylish than that!



Each time you thrift rather than shop traditionally, you’re diverting textile waste from the landfill and placing a vote for a better community. Read more about your power to change our world by shopping with a purpose, thrifting, and DIY'ing by subscribing to our newsletter and by reading our blogs. 

Want to write for us? Send us a link to some of your work! 

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The Colony, Texas, United States